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Security guarantee in Progreso

On Monday, state and municipal authorities met with members of foreign community in the House of Culture of the city.

Martes 20-Ene-2015

Foreign residents complain about the poor condition of Progreso's urban ...
Foreign residents denounced the poor state in which urban transport units are in this port.
Martes 20-Ene-2015

Ready wooden pier in Yucalpetén
The construction of the wooden dock located in opposition to the Aquario base of the Federal Maritime Ward (Remafe), in the port of Yucalpetén is completed, construction ...
Viernes 16-Ene-2015

Neighbors report Progreso park in total abandonment
Neighbors from Fraccionamiento Brisas in this port denounced the bad state in which the park in their area is located, as well as that is in poor condition is a real danger to children who play there.
Martes 13-Ene-2015

Mayaleaks, anticorruption portal, is presented
Last Saturday was presented the portal "Mayaleaks" jointly driven project by civil associations seeking to join forces to put a stop to corruption and have a space where citizen complaints are privileged based on supported research.
Martes 13-Ene-2015

Properties of Canadian tourists in Chicxulub Puerto are "visited" by thieves
Canadian temporary residents in this port complained that "Lovers Of Other People's Things" entered their property to steal.
Jueves 8-Ene-2015

Progreso young give away toys and candy to children
As part of the Three Wise Men celebration, two Progreso young brought joy to many children last January 6, those who gave them toys.
Jueves 8-Ene-2015

Municipal Ecology Personal rescues sea turtle in Malecón Internacional Beaches
Staff of the Municipal Department of Ecology attended yesterday the rescue of a hawksbill sea turtle ended in the Malecón Internacional de Progreso beaches.
Miércoles 7-Ene-2015

Progreso neighbor is selling an African lion on Facebook
Broad social media buzz generated the sale of an African lion cub by a Progreso resident, featuring the feline through his Facebook account. Due to the striking of the publication a collaborator sent us this information.
Miércoles 7-Ene-2015

Bad service in Progreso's Telmex office
Poor service to users in Progreso's Telmex office, practically stopped offering procedures and services in this port, at least that was hinted by Mr. Arturo Castillo, TELMEX employee, who this morning refused to serve multiple customers with the argument "I'm just to collect".
Martes 6-Ene-2015 2

Jessica Saiden is designed as PRI candidate
As expected, the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI), designed Jessica Saiden Quiroz as candidate for mayor of this town. After long consensus and agreements
Martes 6-Ene-2015

La mujer de unos 58 años, se hospedaba en el hotel
Muere ahogada una turista extranjera en Telchac Puerto
Una turista extranjera de unos 58 años de edad falleció ahogada éste jueves cuando se bañaba en la piscina del hotel Reef Yucatán, ubicado en el vecino municipio de Telchac Puerto, en la costa Norte de Yucatán.
Jueves 7-Nov-2013

Mexican navy vice admiral killed in attack in Michoacán, México
Mexican Vice Adm. Carlos Miguel Salazar Ramonet was killed Sunday in an attack on navy personnel by gunmen in Michoacan state, officials said. A second member in Salazar's group, possibly his bodyguard, also was killed.
Lunes 29-Jul-2013 2

Fashion show fundraiser for The Chicxulub Food Bank
It was fun, informal and it made money for a good cause. The first fashion show fundraiser for The Chicxulub Food Bank was recently held at Bamboo Beach Restaurant in Chicxulub.
Viernes 25-Ene-2013 6

PH NEWS. Yucatecan special athletes are going to Panama to the Central American Games
From 13 to April 21, Panama will host the Central American Games of Special Olympics where Yucatan will be present with 4 representatives in bowls, two rhythmic gymnastics and two in tennis, which was unveiled at a press conference by José Maldonado Regil, Chairman of Special Olympics Yucatan.
Jueves 12-Abr-2012

PH NEWS. Youth karate has an outstanding participación in Las Vegas
The youth karate Andrew Quintal Quintal and Catzin Guadalupe Angulo, has an outstanding participation in the American Cup, and USA Junior Olympic Karate Open in Las Vegas, where they won 5 medals, 3 gold, one silver and one bronze.
Jueves 12-Abr-2012

PH NEWS. Federal Deputy Maria Alonzo Ester enters the hospital again
For the second time in a week, the federal deputy Maria Esther Morales Alonzo was admitted to a hospital in the city of Merida and was operated emergency for alleged complications related to a suspected kidney stone.
Jueves 12-Abr-2012

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