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La mujer de unos 58 años, se hospedaba en el hotel

Muere ahogada una turista extranjera en Telchac Puerto

Una turista extranjera de unos 58 años de edad falleció ahogada éste jueves cuando se bañaba en la piscina del hotel Reef Yucatán, ubicado en el vecino municipio ...

Jueves 7-Nov-2013 | 1 comentario

Mexican navy vice admiral killed in attack in Michoacán, México
Mexican Vice Adm. Carlos Miguel Salazar Ramonet was killed Sunday in an attack on navy personnel by gunmen in Michoacan state, officials said. A second member in ...
Lunes 29-Jul-2013 2

Fashion show fundraiser for The Chicxulub Food Bank
It was fun, informal and it made money for a good cause. The first fashion show fundraiser for The Chicxulub Food Bank was recently held at Bamboo Beach Restaurant in ...
Viernes 25-Ene-2013 6

PH NEWS. Youth karate has an outstanding participación in Las Vegas
The youth karate Andrew Quintal Quintal and Catzin Guadalupe Angulo, has an outstanding participation in the American Cup, and USA Junior Olympic Karate Open in Las Vegas, where they won 5 medals, 3 gold, one silver and one bronze.
Jueves 12-Abr-2012

PH NEWS. Federal Deputy Maria Alonzo Ester enters the hospital again
For the second time in a week, the federal deputy Maria Esther Morales Alonzo was admitted to a hospital in the city of Merida and was operated emergency for alleged complications related to a suspected kidney stone.
Jueves 12-Abr-2012

PH NEWS. $10 Millions to Progreso
The State Congress yesterday approved the City hall of Progreso the possibility of debt with a loan of $ 10 million, for different jobs, public works and purchase of vehicles.
Jueves 12-Abr-2012

Del 2 al 14 de abril de 2012
Programa de actividades con motivo de la Regata de La Ruta Solidaria del Chocolate
Programa de actividades de La Ruta Solidaria del Chocolate
Sábado 7-Abr-2012

Noticias en inglés. Jan 1
Police Activity Hector Eduardo Rosel Cab driving a Town Country Chrysler ran a stop sign and hit Gabriel Alcocer Ramiro Jimenez who was driving a Ford Courier; the impact caused a 12 year old to fall from the Courier who was then taken to Centro de Salud.
Miércoles 4-Ene-2012

Noticias en inglés. Dec 30
Summer in Winter Yesterday the malecon was alive with national and foreign tourists and brought back memories of summer.
Sábado 31-Dic-2011

Noticias en inglés. Dec 28
Hearing in January Early next month is the time scheduled to hear the cases involving the 2 police officers, Victor Mancilla and Fernando Rosado Perez Navarrete accused of corruption and abuse of authority; the officers have been downgraded from their previous positions as commanders.
Jueves 29-Dic-2011

Noticias en inglés. Dec 26
Decisions Won't Change Two city departments have made serious and far reaching decisions that will affect the citizens of Progreso and these decisions will continue into the New Year.
Martes 27-Dic-2011

Noticias en inglés. Dec 22
Varied Opinions on Glorieta Change Some local residents are amazed at how the powers that be are changing the appearance of the city; first it was the malecon, then the direction of the malecon and now they are destroying the glorieta and replacing an icon of the city" said Isaiah Castro.
Viernes 23-Dic-2011

Noticias en inglés. Dec 21
Change in Attorney General's Office Tuesday afternoon, Attorney General Héctor Rivero Cabrera appointed Marco Antonio Calderón Patron to be the Director of the Ministerial Investigative Police, replacing Commander Carlos Canton Magaña following his resignation.
Jueves 22-Dic-2011

Noticias en inglés. Dec 20
IMSS Registration Next Friday, December 30th is the last day that the module here in Progreso will issue new IMSS credentials said Director Julio Francisco Hernández Carrillo. "Those who cannot be there by that date must deal with IMSS in Mérida" he warned.
Jueves 22-Dic-2011

Noticias en inglés. Dec 18
Temporary Work Program State officials have announced the temporary work program available to fishermen during the off limits season of mero from February 15th to March 15th, 2012.
Lunes 19-Dic-2011

Noticias en inglés. Dec 14
Suspended Officers Continue to Work Chief of Police, Roberto Iván Pacheco Aranda had barely made the announcement of the suspension without pay and demotion of two of his senior officers, Commanders Victor Mancilla Rosado and Fernando Navarrete Pérez than Canan Kaffour Domani Palma,the City Comptroller, stated that both continue to work with pay.
Jueves 15-Dic-2011

Noticias en inglés. Dec 10
Malecon Issues Work on the malecon has slowed down because it is taking longer than anticipated to remove the old concrete along the north sidewalk by the sea wall.
Domingo 11-Dic-2011

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