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03 de Marzo de 2024

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Bad service in Progreso’s Telmex office

Poor service to users in Progreso’s Telmex office, practically stopped offering procedures and services in this port, at least that was hinted by Mr. Arturo Castillo, TELMEX employee, who this morning refused to serve multiple customers with the argument “I’m just to collect”.



PROGRESO .– Poor service to users in Progreso's Telmex office, practically stopped offering procedures and services in  this port, at least that was hinted by Mr. Arturo Castillo, TELMEX employee, who this morning refused to serve multiple customers with the argument "I'm just to collect".

Installed in one Telmex Store module, where the signs indicate the payments and transactions avialable, Mr. Arturo Castillo showed rude and arrogant manners with multiple users, including women seniors who have gone before in line . At least that we find between 10 and 11:30 am that remained in office after several turns.

Even this writer, who came to change his address, Mr. Castillo recommended to travel to Merida. Telmex reports this procedure is straightforward and can be performed without problems in any of their stores Telmex, but in Progreso no.
'You can go to Merida, there can attend you- said Arturo Castillo leaving this reporter and others stood in the module, and he left the area mad because he claimed he could not perform procedures and "he is just to collect" and moreover the user asked him to give the required attention.
Among users who lined up to perform diligences there were those who jokingly said they will go to Campeche to perform them, at the poor attention from the employee.
Worse, there were people who came this morning to pay their telephone bills and the same employees told them: "You can pay at the ATM, we are  busy".

Another case of abuse in Telmex Progreso happened today around 10:40 pm when teacher Lourdes Cristín Sampedro, went to pay her phone service and also received poor care by Mr. Arturo Castillo.
I came to pay my bill – said the teacher.
-go To the ATM there you can pay- Arturo Castillo replied rudely, without look at her, saying he was busy.
-I don't known how to use the ATM, I need to pay my bill, said teacher Lourdes – while commenting the abuse she was receiving.
Teacher Lourdes, who was finally served and could make her payment with Castillo, indicated that poor care is all the time and urges Telmex to do something about it.

It is not the first time that Telmex users are abused by employees assigned to Progreso.
Poor care offered at the branch of Telmex in Progreso is in the public domain. Employees refuse to serve people and practically refuse to work, delegating the procedures and services to others or asking you to make a telephone call asking the service, because "we have only the system to collect".

Steadily, citizens of this city receive bad attention, mainly from Arturo Castillo and Javier García, who carry numerous complaints.
In the case of Mr. Javier García, users indicate that enough has changed their treatment for the customers, after a person filed a complaint that reached executives in the company.
The company installed a complaint module in the shop, but they agreed "to disappear it" at the eyes of the people to keep complaining about the bad treatment they offer, especially Mr. Arturo Castillo who is still making the rounds regardless of the bad image that generates the company that pays his salary.
As for the procedure that we come to realize, after three times and returning with photocopies requested, he agreed to get the papers, called a phone number to alert the embodiment thereof and said that would perform the procedure "later". (

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