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13 de Junio de 2024


Murder of Canadian photographer clarify in Yucatan



State Police Investigation Elements executed the arrest warrant obtained by the Attorney General (FGE) against Juan Carlos Lopez Martinez for his alleged involvement in criminal acts in which killed Canadian resident and photographer of National Geographic, Barbara McClatchie Andrews.

The Attorney formed the research folder data provided sufficient evidence before the appropriate judge, who after analyzing them, granted the order requested by this corporation that executed it the same day.

The possibly criminal acts occurred, allegedly, last September 30 when the deceased was transported from Cancun, Quintana Roo, to the capital aboard a passenger vehicle hired in that city; according to the investigations, the alleged murderer is the driver of that vehicle, who is from Veracruz.

The driver would be ADO Bus driver.

After the possibly criminal acts occur, the body of the deceased was found on the side of the Merida-Cancun route, a few kilometers to reach the capital. The main research is robbery as a motive for the crime.

Thanks to good coordination and combined efforts of the various corporations of public security of the state was able to locate and apprehend the alleged assailant, same that has already been made available to the authorities and is awaiting his legal situation is resolved.

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