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21 de Septiembre de 2023

PH News

Properties of Canadian tourists in Chicxulub Puerto are “visited” by thieves

Canadian temporary residents in this port complained that “Lovers Of Other People’s Things” entered their property to steal.



Canadian temporary residents in this port complained that "Lovers Of Other People's Things" entered their property to steal.

Four houses occupied by canadian families who came to spend the winter in this warm land were targeted by criminals by yesterday's dawn, and seized several valuable objects like laptops, iPads, cameras, cell phones, clothing and cash.

Yesterday, the affected lodged a complaint and very indignanted told the authorities that the incident took place at dawn while they were sleeping, since they did not hear any strange noise.

The affected properties are located in Chicxulub Puerto and are occupied by canadians Luisa Witten, Chris and Lenny Witten and Kate McAllen. The stolen goods value is close to the amount of 70,000 pesos.

It is noteworthy that those affected are active contributors to the group "Food Bank", supporters with food to the poorest families of Chicxulub Puerto, so the offense sparked outrage among residents of that community, questioning how is possible these people who are dedicated to helping others become victims of thieves?, especially tourists who are coming up twice a year to this port.

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